Thank you for considering Kennesaw State University.

University System of Georgia Requirement:

If you meet admission requirements based on your academic record, and fall into a category that requires you to take the COMPASS exam, the requirements below will determine your eligibility to enroll at Kennesaw State University.

You can look at the application status check to determine if you are required to take the COMPASS exam.  If you are required, your acceptance status will indicate Compass Required. 

Minimum COMPASS Requirements

Summer 2015 and Earlier


Minimum Score for Admission

Minimum Score for Exempting Learning Support











To be eligible to enroll at KSU for summer semester 2015, you must meet the minimum score for each COMPASS section you are required to take and you cannot place into Learning Support Courses in all three areas of Reading, English, and Math. To be eligible for fall term 2015 to enroll at KSU, if you are required to take all three sections, you must meet the minimum score for COMPASS math and either English or Reading. If you are required to take just math or just English and reading, you must meet the minimum scores.


The COMPASS is given by KSU Testing Services and you can register through the Testing Service website. The center may be contacted at 470.578.4800 or