Dan Audia

Admissions Counselor and STEM Recruiter

Dan AudiaWhat drew you to Kennesaw State University?

The fact that it’s a growing, thriving university in an area that I love.  I grew up in north metro-Atlanta and KSU has, since my childhood, always had an air of positive progress about it. 

What is the best part of your job?

Interacting with prospective students and their families.

Describe what “Owl Nation” means to you.

The phrase “Owl Nation” implies a couple of things.  First, the word “Owl,” our mascot, is a word used to unify the entire KSU community behind the mission and goals of the institution.  “Nation” implies that our community is abundant, and that means the opportunities for student success here at KSU are abundant as well.

If you could share one “secret” about Kennesaw State, what would it be?

We have engineering now!

Any advice for future Owls?

Develop a longer view of time in your life.  A big part of wisdom is considering the future results of the decisions you’re making right now.   

Email Dan: daudia1@kennesaw.edu