Other Student Types

Welcome to Owl Nation! If you are considering joining the Kennesaw State community or are returning after an absence, you may fall under one of these "other" categories.


 Adult Learner/Non-Traditional 

You are considered an Adult Learner/Non-traditional if you meet the following criteria:

  • Previously graduated from high school, or whose high school class graduated, five or more years ago.
  • Earned a high school diploma OR satisfactorily completed the GED.
  • If previously attended college, completed fewer than 30 transferable semester hours of college credit.

Please see below for admission standards and required documents.

Allow ample time for receipt and processing of all documents. Processing time varies based on the number of applicants and time of year.

Admissions Requirements for Adult Learner/Non-Traditional Applicants

Non-traditional adult learners graduated from high school more than five years ago. Applicants in this category may have attended another college but have earned less than 30 semester hours or 50 quarter hours of transferable college credit.

Applicants eligible for review in this category are exempt from the SAT/ACT and High School College Preparatory Coursework requirement. However, non-traditional students in this category will be required to take the ACCUPLACER examination. Minimum requirements are in place to determine eligibility for admission. Applicants for Spring Semester 2018 or later must score high enough on the ACCUPLACER to enter college-level courses with no Learning Support requirements.

As an alternative, non-traditional students who have, within the past seven (7) years, posted SAT scores of at least 500 in both Critical Reading and Math, or 27 Reading AND 530 Math on the redesigned SAT, or ACT scores of at least 21 on both English and Math may provide an official score report from the testing service to exempt ACCUPLACER testing.

The KSU Bridge Program provides a unique alternative for students who did not score high enough on the Accuplacer Exam to exempt learning support courses. For additional information, please visit the KSU Bridge Program.

Application Process for Adult Learner/Non-Traditional Students

  1. Submit your application and $40 application fee online by the appropriate posted deadline for your desired semester of entry. Please ensure that you select the Adult/Non-Traditional application type on page three, under Enrollment Information.
  2. Submit an official copy of GED scores or high school transcript directly from your school electronically or by mail.
  3. Submit official transcripts from all colleges, universities, or schools attended. Students must make arrangements with each college previously attended, whether credit was granted or not, to have a complete official transcript forwarded to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at Kennesaw State University.

Failure to submit a complete official transcript from all colleges previously attended may result in a registration hold being placed on your record, which will prevent you from registering for classes in future semesters.

  1. Check your application status online using your NetID and password.

 Audit Student 

For some, learning is less about the credit hour and more about keeping your mind engaged. Kennesaw State is happy to provide the opportunity for you to brush up on a favorite subject or explore a new one. Students should note that taking classes as an audit student does not provide course credits.

Audit students are not permitted to receive credit for their participation in a course as an auditor nor change from an audit to a credit status while enrolled in a course. Audited courses are counted at the total value in computing the student's course load for fee purposes.

Suppose you wish to change from an auditor to a degree-seeking student at a later date. In that case, you must submit an application in the appropriate category (i.e., Transfer, Freshman, etc.) and meet all requirements and deadlines.

Audited courses do not qualify for educational benefits or financial assistance under social security laws, veterans, or other federal and state programs.

Application Process for Audit Applicant Type

  1. Submit your application and $40 application fee online by the appropriate posted deadline for your desired semester of entry. Please ensure that you select the Audit application type on page three under Enrollment Information.
  2. Submit transcripts from either a high school reflecting graduation or an accredited college or university showing credits earned.
  3. Check your application status online using your NetID and password.

If you are a legal resident of Georgia aged 62 years and older, you may qualify for the Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver. You can find more information on the Bursar's website.

 Non-Degree/ Post-baccalaureate

If you already have a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution and wish to take courses for personal enrichment, you can apply as a non-degree-seeking student. Financial Aid and previous transfer evaluation credit are not available for non-degree-seeking students.

Application Process for Non-Degree/ Post-baccalaureate Applicant Type

  1. Submit your application and $40 application fee online by the appropriate posted deadline for your desired semester of entry.
  2. Submit accredited college or university transcript with an awarded baccalaureate degree and graduation date.
  3. Check your application status online using your NetID and password.

 Online Learner 

Kennesaw State University offers a variety of online courses and degree programs. Students must be admitted to Kennesaw State under an appropriate admission classification.

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) Accredited, Kennesaw State offers 12 online degree programs and over 400 online courses. These include online bachelor's degree programs in Business Administration and Sociology and Master's degree programs in Early Childhood, Educational Leadership, Instructional Technology, International Policy Management, and Business Administration. Many more degree offerings are under development.

Online courses and degrees at Kennesaw State University are held to the same learning standards, rigors, and expectations of quality that our on-campus courses and programs require. Kennesaw State's highly regarded faculty teach students enrolling in online classes. Technology and student services are provided virtually to help online students succeed. Students completing their degree options in the online format receive the same degree awarded to our on-campus students.

Online Degree and Certificate Programs may not be available in all states. If you are an out-of-state student, please visit www.kennesaw.edu/stateauthorization to confirm that the program is available in your state.

To get started, choose your appropriate admission classification to determine the direct admission criteria: Freshman, Transfer Freshman, Transfer Student, Adult Learner, or Transient Student.

Further information about Kennesaw State's online learning programs can be found at learnonline.kennesaw.edu.

 Readmission to KSU 

We appreciate your wish to return to Kennesaw State University! There are quite a few reasons why you may need to apply for readmission:

  • You have not been enrolled at KSU for three or more consecutive semesters.
  • You last attended as a transient.
  • You are returning after academic dismissal or learning support exclusion.
  • You wish to change their status (such as transient to degree-seeking, degree-seeking to non-degree)

To apply for readmission, all you need to do is:

  1. Submit your application and $40 application fee online by the appropriate posted deadline for your desired semester of entry. Please ensure that on page three, under Enrollment Information, you select the Readmit Degree Seeking application type.
  2. Submit official transcripts from all colleges and universities if you attended and enrolled since leaving Kennesaw State University. Official transcripts can be sent directly from the college or university to ksuadmit@kennesaw.edu or mailed to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions: 
    Kennesaw State University
    Office of Undergraduate Admissions
    3391 Town Point Drive, MD 9111
    Suite 1000
    Kennesaw, GA 30144
  3. Check your application status online using your NetID and password.

 Transient Student  

You are considered a transient student if you are a guest student from another institution for one term. Permission is needed from your home institution to attend KSU, and your home institution must verify that you are eligible to return.

If you wish to continue enrollment as a transient student for a future term, you must reapply and submit a new transient letter by the deadline for the new term you wish to enter.

If you want to earn your degree from KSU, you need to change your status by reapplying and sending all required credentials by the deadline. Courses are taken at KSU as a transient student are not counted in meeting transfer admission requirements.

Transient students attending KSU are not guaranteed course availability. Unfortunately, as a transient student, you are not eligible to receive Financial Aid from KSU. Therefore, you must apply for Financial Aid at the institution where you are degree-seeking, referred to as your home institution. The only exception to this rule is the HOPE Scholarship or Zell Miller Scholarship. If you receive funding from the HOPE or Zell Miller Scholarship, please ask your home institution to send a transient certification to KSU.

Application Process for Transient Applicant Type

  1. Submit your application and $40 application fee online by the appropriate posted deadline for your desired semester of attendance. 
  2. Submit a transient letter from the registrar, department chair, advisor, or another appropriate official from your home institution. The letter must state that you are eligible to re-enroll and have the home institution's permission to attend KSU as a transient student for the applicable term. Transient letters may be delivered to us by any of the following mechanisms:

Kennesaw State University
Office of Undergraduate Admissions
3391 Town Point Drive, MD 9111
Suite 1000
Kennesaw, GA 30144

  1. Check your application status  online using your NetID and password.


Our Commitment

At Kennesaw State University, we are honored to serve our men and women who have honorably served our country. As a token of our appreciation, we have made it a top priority to make your transition back to higher education as smooth as possible.

We have been recognized as a Military Friendly School by several organizations dedicated to serving our Nation's Veterans. We are very proud of our on-campus Military and Veterans Services, which serves as a one-stop-shop devoted solely to the development of veterans, the first of its kind in the state of Georgia.

All service members should speak with their Educational Services Officer (ESO) or counselor within their military service before enrolling at Kennesaw State University or any institution. Since military funding is limited, all service members need to use all their resources in making any educational decision.

  1. Submit your application and $40 application fee online by the appropriate posted deadline for your desired semester of entry.
  2. Submit all required documents depending on your admission classification (FreshmenTransfer FreshmenTransferAdult Learner).
  3. Submit the FAFSA (https://fafsa.ed.gov/) if requesting to receive financial aid other than VA Educational Benefits.
  4. Check your application status.

Our Support Network

We offer Veterans Information Sessions throughout the year, which gives you a chance to speak with members of our Veterans support network to include our Undergraduate Admissions Veterans Recruiter and a representative from our Military and Veteran Service Office.

After being accepted to KSU, students who wish to have their military training and experience considered for transfer credit must submit an AARTS or SMART transcript to the Office of the Registrar.

To initiate review, please submit a completed Military Transfer Credit Agreement form via email to militarycredit@kennesaw.edu or mail to:

Office of the Registrar- Kennesaw State University
1000 Chastain Road,
Kennesaw, GA 30144

or submit in person to the Office of the Registrar Kennesaw Campus office during normal business hours.

Please email veterans@kennesaw.edu to speak with our Admissions Counselor and Veterans Liaison, should you need further assistance with your application.

Visit the Military and Veterans Services or call 470-KSU-INFO (470-578-4636) to hear about resources available for Veterans on and around campus.

Please contact the VA Certifying Official or call 470-KSU-INFO (470-578-4636) VA Educational Benefits and Certification of Enrollment."

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