Conditions of Acceptance

Terms of Admission:
Kennesaw State University reserves the right to require subsequent testing or evaluation at any time during the enrollment process to validate eligibility, placement, or remediation. Please note that acceptance to the University does not guarantee the availability of courses. Your admission is only valid for the term for which you applied. If you do not enroll for the term you initially accepted, you must reapply and have a complete file before the posted deadline for the future term you seek. This will require submitting a new application and payment of a new application processing fee. All supporting credentials must be received by the deadline as well. Your file will be reviewed again based on prevailing requirements. Your file will be held as inactive one year beyond the initial application term and then purged due to non-enrollment. If you apply after that time, all credentials must be resubmitted.

Math Placement Testing:
If you are required to take the ALEKS Placement, please visit for enrollment information.

If you have been admitted as a non-resident of Georgia, please refer to the Kennesaw State University catalog for information concerning non-resident fees and criteria for reclassification as a state resident (such as tax status, length of time in Georgia, domicile intent, Georgia Driver's License, Voter Registration Card, etc.)

  • First-Year Programs:

    KSU hosts First-Year Learning Communities for integrated experiences through General Education courses for first-year cohorts. The information can be found online at First-Year and Transition Studies. For a list of all academic programs, please visit majors and programs.  

    Tentative Admission:
    You must have met the minimum academic grade point average required as determined by the University at the time of your graduation to qualify for admission. You must also meet Required High School Curriculum requirements.

    Full admission will be determined upon your final official transcript showing that you meet admission requirements.

    The minimum admission requirements must be met, or this tentative acceptance will be withdrawn based on your final transcript. You are encouraged to check the online Application Status Check on the Admissions website approximately two weeks after the term begins to ensure your admissions file is complete.

  • If you have been admitted pending a final transcript from your current college, your admission status remains tentative until a final transcript is received. Should your cumulative grade point average drop below 2.0, your admission will be adjusted to probation. You may access the Application Status Check online to determine receipt of any final documents before registering for your second term.

    When all final official transcripts have been received, an evaluation of your transfer credit will be completed by the Office of the Registrar and will be available to you online. You may access the evaluation results by logging on to Owl Express using your NetID and Password. Under the Registration and Student Records menu, select View Academic Transcript. At the bottom of the page, you can view transfer courses. 

    The transfer evaluation will be completed three to four weeks after receiving all credentials. Please be aware that your status may be adjusted after receiving your final credentials. It is suggested that you request a transcript from each previous institution attended be sent to yourself as well as KSU. If you have questions about your transfer evaluation, please contact the Office of the Registrar at or 470-KSU-INFO (470-578-4636).

  • Dual Enrollment Program students may qualify for funding to offset expenses through Georgia’s Dual Enrollment Program. There are distinct eligibility requirements, benefits, and application procedures explained in advising materials provided by the Dual Enrollment Program and in advising sessions for newly accepted students. Since Dual Enrollment students have not yet graduated from high school, they are not eligible for other forms of student financial aid.

    Advising and Registration:
    Admitted students will receive further programmatic information directly from the Dual Enrollment Program.

  • Applicants previously accepted with Learning Support requirements but did not attend, as of Spring 2018 readmitting students must score high enough on the ACCUPLACER exam to attend.

  • If you are accepted as a Post-Bacc/Non-Degree seeking student, you may take undergraduate courses for which you are eligible. Degree-seeking students are given priority in the assignment of registration time and course availability. Your previous college work will be evaluated should you become a degree-seeking student. All previous transcript(s) are required if you wish to seek a degree at Kennesaw State University. Please note: non-degree seeking students are not eligible for financial aid.

  • This acceptance is for one term only. You are accepted as a transient student, and you may enroll in the subjects of your choice for which you are eligible. You are not required to seek advisement at Kennesaw State University; however, it is your responsibility to choose subjects approved by your home institution. Kennesaw State University degree-seeking students are prioritized for time and class space registration. Course availability cannot be guaranteed for transient students. Please note that transient students are not eligible for financial aid through Kennesaw State University. Contact your home institution for more information if you need help with financial aid.

  • As an Audit student, you may register on a non-credit basis for courses of your choice for which you are eligible. You must contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions if you desire to change your classification from an auditor to a degree-seeking student. Please know that all courses taken as an Audit student must be repeated if they become requirements toward a Kennesaw State University degree program.