We Are All In This Together

You are not alone in this!

Many students find that adjusting to college life can be hard.

KENNESAW, Ga. (Aug 31, 2018) — Let’s get real, college can get tough sometimes. Whether you feel overwhelmed with coursework, trying to juggle work with school or being away from home, it can sometimes feel like we are alone. First, know that you are not alone in this. Many students find that adjusting to college life can be hard. Luckily, KSU offers Counseling and Psychological Services on campus for students who feel they need to talk to a professional.

The Counseling and Psychological Services at KSU offer students group counseling, individual counseling, couples’ counseling and more. Students will be able to attend the ‘Let’s Hoot’ Initial Consultation where faculty will determine which services are the best fit for you moving forward. What’s great about the counseling services is that it is FREE to all students who are enrolled in classes for that semester.

Counseling and Psychological Services also hosts a workshop, the Major Decision Workshop, that helps students discover what major best suits them. By first taking an individual career assessment, faculty can determine interests, skills, and majors/careers that compliment you. After receiving the individual test, students will attend the workshop on a particular day and time on campus. It’s there where you can get one-on-one help with deciding what major best fits you. The next session at the Kennesaw campus is on Wednesday, September 13 at 11 am. Click here to see other times and more information: http://counseling.kennesaw.edu/workshops-programs/major-decision.php

In addition, the PASS or Promoting Academic and Scholastic Success is a program to help students who are experiencing specific challenges in their academic courses. Topics for each one-hour workshop include test anxiety, study skills, learning styles, time management and procrastination. Before attending the workshop, students will take the Learning and Study Strategies Inventory, an assessment to understand which service is best for you. The next workshop is on Wednesday, September 5 at 11 am at the Kennesaw Campus. Here are other times for future workshop sessions: http://counseling.kennesaw.edu/workshops-programs/pass.php

If you ever feel overwhelmed, need someone to talk to or just a little guidance in school the Counseling and Psychological Services at KSU is always available. Remember, it’s always okay to reach out and ask for help. For more information about counseling sessions and workshops check out their website here: http://counseling.kennesaw.edu/