My Transfer Story

 Emily Hulsey
 Emily Hulsey

KENNESAW, Ga. (Aug 24, 2018) — Kennesaw, Ga. - In high school, I never thought I would be able to go to college. To be completely honest, I never thought I was capable or accomplished enough to attend any type of college. However, with a few stern talks from my parents I soon found myself attending Georgia Highlands College, a community college that offers transfer credits to regionally accredited institutions. After being accepted to Georgia Highlands, I knew what my goal would be: transferring to Kennesaw State University.

Ever since high school, KSU was always the school I most wanted to attend. However, I struggled most of my high school career with grades. I never had the highest GPA and didn't do many extracurricular activities. When the realization of knowing I wouldn’t be attending KSU right after high school hit me, ultimately, I was disappointed. I soon had the mindset of working full-time at a daycare and not going to college at all. When my parents discovered my plan to not go to college they weren’t too happy. My mom, in particular, sat me down and showed me the research she had done on Georgia Highlands. One of the best advantages of GHC was that almost all of the courses would transfer over to KSU. So, I set my sights on attending GHC.

After two hard-working years of getting my general education courses complete, it was time to begin the transfer process to KSU. Students who have earned 30 semester hours, or 50 quarter hours, of transferable college credit and have at least a GPA of 2.0 are eligible to transfer to Kennesaw State. When I finally realized that I was able to transfer to KSU I was excited but nervous. I submitted my application online with all of the required forms, such as my transcript and immunization forms. For me, the transfer process of applying to KSU was extremely easy. Everything is done online, including sending in all the required forms.

I remember checking my application status more than twice a day! Finally, after just a couple of weeks, my status was in and I was officially accepted into Kennesaw State! One of my favorite memories is showing my parents that I would be attending Kennesaw State the following semester.

The moral of my story could be that hard work, believing in yourself and having a strong support system can pay off. In high school, I never believed I was capable of attending college. I always thought I would just go straight out of high school into a job. If it wasn’t for my mom believing in me and encouraging me to attend college, I probably would have never gone. Likewise, I would have never even thought of the possibility of attending Kennesaw State. Now, I look back at my journey as a huge learning experience. The two-years at GHC helped me mature and grow as a college student. I learned how to be more responsible in my school work and even my everyday actions. When I finally transferred over to KSU, I knew I was readier than I ever could be because of my two-years at GHC. As I am getting ready to graduate in December, I realize my journey to KSU wasn’t always easy but it was truly worth the wait.

 By: Emily Hulsey