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KSU has programs in over 30 countries!

Number 1: Most students think their education at KSU will only take them to the cities of Kennesaw or Marietta

KENNESAW, Ga. (Aug 3, 2018) — Most students think their education at KSU will only take them to the cities of Kennesaw or Marietta.

But those students are wrong!

Kennesaw State has education abroad programs in over 30 countries across the globe. That’s right! We’ve sent students to every continent in pursuit of their educational goals, and the same opportunities are here for you, too!

Not only do we have our own classrooms in the Tuscany region of Italy (built on the site of a medieval fortress, nonetheless), but our students can choose from a wide range of programs in several global regions to match their desired field of study.

Think about this - you could live in the same part of London that Shakespeare called home while you study World Literature. Or you could study culinary arts in China. Or do your student teaching in Brazil. Or how about experiencing first-hand the explosive growth of business and information technology in India? These opportunities (and more!) await you here at Kennesaw State.

And in addition to opening the door for life-changing experiences, studying abroad will also look great on your resume. In today’s increasingly global job market, this is HUGE.

So remember this - if you commit to getting your education here at KSU, it could take you practically anywhere in the world.

Where will it take you?


P.S. – We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this series of ten little known (but awesome!) facts about KSU. We also hope they’ve helped you make the “wise choice” of committing to KSU for your college education. Check back for more helpful posts by our admissions team in the coming weeks, and as always, keep those comments coming!