Kennesaw “Safe” University

Safe and Sound

Number 4: Kennesaw “Safe” University

KENNESAW, Ga. (Jun 8, 2018), an online publication used to help students and their families find the right college, has Kennesaw State ranked among the 50 safest large universities in America. We came in at number 27 back in 2016!

Their article starts with this preface:

Safety may [make one think of] patrol cars and uniformed security, but college safety actually encompasses an array of student health, wellness, and security issues. Campus safety doesn’t just mean low crime rates and the lack of a party scene—though it could mean those things—it also includes low rates of discrimination, a strong VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) presence, and a number of services and programs that maintain the holistic wellness of their students.

Here at KSU, we take the safety of our students, faculty, and staff very seriously. We have an excellent police department and public safety agency committed to serving everyone at KSU. Their service features interaction with the campus community and the use of technology, and a fantastic example of how they do this is through KSU’s widespread use of the LiveSafe mobile application.

KSU Police Chief Roger Stearns says, “LiveSafe is like having a panic button at your fingertips.” The app features the ability to report safety issues, provide tips about suspicious activity, and have friends walk users home virtually. Stearns explains that when a suspicious activity tip is reported, a live chat can be established to help clarify the nature of the suspicion, which is then passed on to the responding officer. LiveSafe users can even relay pictures in these situations, too!

What’s more, KSU’s campuses are well-let, feature 24-hour police and public safety patrols, and have emergency callboxes spread throughout. To read more about our safety initiatives, check out this article in the KSU magazine.

Future Owls, rest assured that when you come to Kennesaw State, you’ll be at one of the safest large universities in America.