Open House: Q & A

Students at Open House
Students at Open House

KENNESAW, Ga. (Oct 1, 2018) — For this blog post, we interviewed Jordan, a high school senior who is considering attending Kennesaw State in the Fall of 2019. We spoke to her before and after she went to the Kennesaw Campus Open House on Saturday. Check out her interview to get a great insight into a student’s perspective about college, attending open house and exploring KSU’s campus and majors!

Have you ever been to Kennesaw State’s campus before? If so, for what reason and what did you think of it?

Yes, I went for the Art Summer camp that they offer each year. I was in the digital illustration camp and really loved it. The campus was pretty and really easy to get around. I really enjoyed going to the food court every day; the food is great!

When you think of college, how do you feel? Scared, excited, nervous, or all the above?

Nervous but also excited because it’s a new experience and I get to meet new people who have similar interests as I do.

Why do you feel going to college is the best route for you?

There are a lot of professors in the field that can help me broaden my skill set and give advice as to life after graduation and what to prepare for. Being able to learn directly from them can only help further my own career goals.

What first interested you in Kennesaw State?

The wide variety of majors that they offer. I am interested in more than one major/minor and I want to be able to explore and figure out which one is best for me.

What majors/minors are you most interested in learning more about at the open house?

Right now, I am most interested in learning more about animation and film studies.

Tell me more about why your most interested in animation and film studies? When did you know you wanted to study that in college?

With animation, I’ve always loved to draw. I’ve been watching cartoons since I was little, but I have recently become more interested in the process of developing cartoons. With both the creative side like drawing and the development side like writing.

I have also been a huge fan of films including the writing of a script and directing of films. I think it would be interesting to explore more of that topic. Being able to study both film and animation in college can help create and inspire my own stories. My goal is to be an artist in general, but I think it would be awesome to have several skills to incorporate different art mediums together.

Is there any specific information you are most looking forward to learning about at the open house?

I would really love to talk to the professors about the curriculum for animation and film studies to see what courses I’ll be able to take. I am also just looking forward to being on campus and seeing the atmosphere the campus. 

How were you feeling arriving at Open House?

I was nervous and tired but very excited to learn more about Kennesaw and the majors I was interested in.

What was the first session you went to? What did you think about it?

The first session that I went to was the Arts sessions. It was a helpful and informative session. I was most interested in learning about the animation degree.

Something that I really liked about the session was how they had KSU art students help answer any questions we might have. It was nice to hear from someone who was attending Kennesaw and in the Arts program. It gave a different perspective and I could definitely relate to them.

How about your second session, how did that go?

For the second session, I went to the Humanities session. I was interested in the Humanities sessions because it featured the Media and Entertainment concentration in Communications and the Film Studies minor.

Overall, there were less people in that session, so the speakers were able to answer pretty much all the questions that were asked. It also gave them time to go a little more in depth with certain questions, which I liked. Each major and minor was covered very well.

The speaker also spoke about the kind of traits a student should have to pursue these certain majors. This really helped me understand just how involved you must be in each major. It also gave me more of an idea of what major would be best for me depending on my skills and interests.

What were you most surprised to learn about during your sessions?

In the art session, an art student was explaining how she wanted to make herself more marketable for when she graduates. She decided to take some courses that weren't required for her major but would teach her certain skillsets that could help her down the line. I never really thought about doing that before, but it makes sense to obtain as much knowledge as you can for after graduation.

What did you think about the actual campus? Was it too small, too big?

I really enjoyed the campus! Since I have been there before, it was really easy to navigate which building is which and where to go. But if I ever needed help or had questions there were plenty of tour guides there to help.

Overall, what was your impression of the open house?

I thought it was extremely informative. It made me feel way more confident about attending college and being on a college campus. It also helped answer many questions I had towards certain majors and what would benefit me down the road in my career.

Our next Open House is coming up on October 20.

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