Jordan Stevenson

Associate Director of Student Recruitment

Jordan Stevenson
What drew you to Kennesaw State University?

I was and am drawn to Kennesaw State because KSU is a university that serves all types of students in an environment that offers the best of all worlds. KSU is very diverse (in all interpretations of the word) and is an institution that offers equal opportunities to all students that come here. On top of that, KSU is situated just outside of the city of Atlanta so we have the opportunity to participate in everything this fantastic city affords students while maintaining a traditional campus in a beautiful suburban area of North Metro Atlanta. 

What is the best part of your job?

The best part of my job is getting to partner with students and families and helping them determine whether KSU is the place they would like to have their collegiate experience. When I meet with students at Starbucks, in their high schools, or here on campus, I get to share my passion about KSU and Higher Education and I leave the college choice decision up to them.

Describe what “Owl Nation” means to you.

Owl Nation is this place. It is a comradery that KSU students experience that gives them the encouragement to try harder and do better in school and in life. Many students come to KSU to better their lives and earn their education…our students are hard workers and they learn that life is not simply given to you; you have to work hard to earn a successful life. Owl Nation is also the pride our students feel that encourages them to be the best person they can be and strive to succeed in life.

If you could share one “secret” about Kennesaw State, what would it be?

Have you heard about our Honors College? If not…you need to! Our Honors College offers three distinct programs (Great Books, PEGS, and Custom Honors) that will certainly interest any academically talented student. You will have the option of studying abroad in places like Brazil or Italy and will have incredibly small class sizes within the larger university. Many students have said participating in the KSU Honors College is like going to an Ivy League school but paying a fourth of the cost. Also, our Honors College houses our Dual Enrollment Honors Program, the largest dual enrollment program in a four-year university in the state of Georgia.

Any advice for future Owls?

Work hard! This is your life, student, and it is up to you to make the most of it. When you come to Kennesaw State, take advantage of the opportunities we afford you (faculty mentorship, internships, campus jobs (tour guide!), co-ops, job shadowing, etc.) and prepare for your future. Your hard work now will pay off greatly as you earn your bachelor’s degree and work towards graduate school and your future career. Oh…and get involved in Student Life and have fun cheering on the Owls in athletics! Go Owls!!!