Laura Oropeza

Laura OropezaWhat drew you to Kennesaw State University?

One word: Growth! KSU is growing rapidly and offers so many different opportunities that it is impossible to not be drawn in, wanting to be a part of its many exciting initiatives.

What is the best part of your job? 

I love talking to students and hearing about their future goals and dreams.  I enjoy witnessing the excitement that students have about beginning college.  It is incredible to be able to play such a significant role in someone else's future. 

Describe what “Owl Nation” means to you.

To me, Owl Nation is a community of people with different experiences and outlooks on life coming together to create an institution where different ideas and new perspectives are always welcome.

If you could share one “secret” about Kennesaw State, what would it be?

The made-to-order coffee in The Commons is amazing! 

Any advice for future Owls?

Take advantage of all of the resources and opportunities available to you.  Study, get involved on campus, make friends, have fun!  Most importantly, plan to study abroad at least once if you are able to.  Your college experience will not be complete without it!

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