The Redesigned SAT

In March 2016 the College Board introduced the redesigned SAT. All future SAT test administrations will be the redesigned version. For more information on what changes have been made to the test, as well as the reasons for these changes, please see

Applicants to KSU for terms in 2016 will use the ‘old’ SAT (the test offered prior to March 2016). Applicants for terms in 2017 and after will primarily take the redesigned SAT, although KSU will still accept the old SAT scores. The College Board has provided concordance tools (correlating scores between the tests) that allow colleges and universities to determine how scores on the new test equate to scores on the old test. This allowed KSU to set minimum requirements on the new SAT that correspond to the requirements on the old SAT. Applicants can also continue to use the ACT for admission to KSU.


  • The redesigned SAT has two 800-point sections instead of three. The Math section will remain, but components of the Critical Reading and Writing sections will be used to create the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing score. Also, the essay portion will now become optional and will not be a factor in the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section. For more information on these changes, please see

    Per University System of Georgia policy, KSU will use the new SAT Total Score (on a 1600 scale) to set the SAT Total minimum requirement. The new Reading Test score, one component of the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing Section, will be used to replace the old Critical Reading score, and the new Math Section score will replace the old math score.

  • Freshmen and Transfer Freshmen:
    SAT Total Score on 1600 Scale: No lower than 1030 (1080 for Architecture majors) (1170 for Home Educated) (1220 for Honors eligibility)
    SAT Reading Test Score: No lower than 25
    SAT Math Section Score: No lower than 490

    Dual Enrollment Honors Program/Move On When Ready:
    SAT Reading Test Score: No lower than 29
    SAT Math Section Score: No lower than 560
    SAT Total Score: See requirements on

  • Superscoring refers to combining a student's best Critical Reading score from one sitting of the SAT with her/his best Math score from another. It does not include the Writing score, which has not been formally considered at KSU. We will continue to superscore the SAT among pre-March 2016 sittings. We will also begin superscoring among the redesigned SAT (March 2016 and after) sittings, using the highest Reading Test score, Math Section score, and SAT Total Score on a 1600 scale. Due to the test scores being constructed in different ways, KSU will not superscore between new and old versions of the SAT.

  • The redesigned SAT makes the essay portion optional, and we will not require it of our applicants or use it in admission decisions. However, you are welcome to provide scores that include the essay.

  • KSU accepts both the SAT and the ACT. Although it is not required that you take both tests, some applicants choose to take both. KSU recommends that you consider trying both tests.

  • The College Board offers tools for converting old SAT scores to new, new SAT scores to old, as well as new SAT scores to equivalents on the ACT.